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Fully Furnished Apartment

Angaben zum Objekt


The monthly rent is ALL IN! (electricity,water,internet,etc)

Anmeldung is not available.

The single room with:
1. Single bedroom
2. Private shower and toilet
3. Kitchen with refrigerator and microwave + cooker,etc
4. Study table and Dinner table
5. Fast Internet Speed
6. Room card laundry on the building

Public facilities such as gaming room and study lobby,pingpong room, TV house will be free. And with your room card ,all the facilities can be used.

Please noticed that entire period from July 1 to August 23 is preferred(54days).

You can using WhatsApp for quicker reply.


Close to the U8 Voltas str.

Helle, große 1-Zimmer-Wohnung in super Lage mit Balkon sucht Nachmieter

Neues Zuhause finden in Berlin - alle Stadtteile
Heute anschauen, morgen einziehen!

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