A couple from Ukraine is looking for a cosy appartment

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Dears hi!
We are Natalie and Eugen, a couple from Kyiv. However, at the moment, we decided to settle in Germany. We enjoy its vibe and creativity and feel that, at the moment, it's the right place for us to build our new life. The only puzzle missing is your great apartment :).

We work full-time remotely in the I.T. field for international companies with projects all over Europe and the U.S. and have a constant income. I'm a team leader in the Customer Service department of approximately 80 employees. My husband is the H.R. coordinator of programmers in the internetional company. We are ready to provide you with our banking statements, so you can be sure that there won't be any delays with rent payments.

We prefer to sleep at night so we won't disturb neighbors with any loud parties.

Our ideal apartment will be furnished, bright, functional, and minimalistic. We can also consider not-furnished options. I have a car, so the district doesn't influence our choice very much, and we will consider all options.

We are friendly, easy-going extroverts and quickly get along with anyone. My husband adores sport, so he would be the happiest person if your place is within walking distance of sports facilities. We are nonsmokers, and fancy hiking, cycling, and many other activities.

Temporarily we are located in Izmir, Turkey, and we would appreciate it if we could meet and view the apartment online. WhatsApp or any other messenger of your choice will be fine with us. A close friend who lives in Darmstadt can come to settle the agreement and do all the formalities on our behalf. Please feel free to contact us here or any other way you prefer better.

The term we are free is actually July 31st, yet we can wait till your appartment gets free.

P.S. I've studied German in Ukraine and will also be able to have a basic conversation :).
P.P.S. We can also negotiate on the price .

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