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1 room studio apartment from June-Sept (extension possible)


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Angaben zum Objekt


It is a furnished apartment with bed, desk, chair, table, wardrobe and tv bank.
The kitchen is equipped with induction cooktop, microwave oven, refrigerator.
Internet is included.

The building is new and has big windows. It has a common lounge, a common room and common kitchen to socialize with other residents.

There is common laundry room with washer and dryer.


The studio apartment is located at the Berggasse tram stop (Tram line 4). There is Edeka, Real, Bakery, Apotheke and post office within 500 metres.

The neighbourhood is usually quiet.


You have to be a student or a young professional (PhD/post-doc/intern).

Unterkünfte vom 15.07.2020 bis zum 14.08.2020 in Freiburg im Breisgau weiblichmännlich
ab 311 € 264 €
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