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A nice room for rent


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The one room apartment located in the 2nd floor, room number is 081. It is quite new, cleaned and very quiet. Here is a good environment for studying. With the private kitchen , you can cook for yourself by using my own kitchen utensils (pots, pans, dishes ...).You can also use my table lamp for reading, rice cooker (if desired) in needed.


The room is located in the dormitory of Nurse training School. Near supermarket, bus station.
Living in the dorms, you can easily have a favorable environment to communicate with international students.You also have the space to organize small party with friends, relatives, such as barbecue, cooking .... With a quiet space, serenity, you can go for a walk after hours of intense studying or working.


Because the apartment is in the dorm of the Nurse training School, so it is convenient for the students of this Institution, however other tenants are welcomed also. This is priority tenants those who are fun, orderly, and friendly with neighbors.

Unterkunft von 15.04.2020 bis 15.05.2020 in Hann. Münden weiblichmännlich
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