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männlich    Looking for a furnished apartment in Heidelberg, with a maximum monthly rent of 900 Euros


João Lourenço (, 27) sucht 1-Zimmer-Wohnung in Heidelberg . Ich spreche diese Sprache/n: Englisch Englisch, Portugiesisch Portugiesisch

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Zeitraum: ab 20.09.2021
Stadtteile: Altstadt, Bergheim, Handschuhsheim, Neuenheim, Südstadt, Weststadt, Bahnstadt
Haustyp: egal
Einrichtung: möbliert, Küche vorhanden
Sonstiges: n.a.

Weitere Angaben über mich

Hello, I am João Lourenço (27) and I am a visiting PhD student from Portugal, currently working in the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). I am looking for a small flat, close to the DKFZ (address: Im Neuenheimer Feld 223, 69120), so that I can easily walk, or ride my bicycle, from the apartment to the DKFZ. I'd prefer if the utility costs (e.g. gas, water, heating, electricity and, if possible, internet) were already included in the monthly rent.

Now some information about me: after I finished my masters in Portugal, I spent one year doing research in a research center in Lisbon. After I finished my research, I found a joint PhD program between a Portuguese university and DKFZ. I applied and I won the scholarship and, as such, I am looking for an apartment in Heidelberg so that I can finish my research, before going back to Portugal to finish my PhD.

I am a calm and quiet person, so I am not the type of person that throws parties every weekend. Further, I will spend most of my time in DKFZ and I will only be home on the evenings and nights. I am looking to rent an apartment for around one year.

If you want to know more about me, then just contact me by phone (preferably through whatsapp, as I only have a portuguese phone number), by email or by the WG-Gesucht messages. I am currently living in Heidelberg so that I am available for viewings every day.

Thank you for your time.

My facebook is:

- facebook.com/joao.lourenco.9085

My email is:


Best regards,

João Lourenço


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