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our flat is a big (~95sqm) and social flat, so it's important to mention you would rent not only that room (~13sqm) of yours, but aswell a central living room (~25sqm) with 3 big couches to hangout and a dinner table (for 4 people), aswell as a showpiece huge balcony (~6sqm) with a beautiful view over Berlin east, sun all day long, with an additional dinner table (for 6 people) and a nice eat-in kitchen (~12sqm) with a bar table (for 4 people) and 2 bathrooms (a big one with a bathtub ~15sqm & an additional guest bathroom). all those rooms are for your use aswell, the mentioned price is per month. we live in the 6th floor with view over friedrichshain, and have an fast elevator (rare case in berlin). the whole flat was decorated last year - everything furnished on my expenses, new fridge, washing machine, couches etc pp - your personal room is furnished with a bed, mattress, closet, shelf, table and chair. it's on the quiet side of the house, to the backyard - green and bright, with sun in the evening. perfect to be on your own and relax. the flat was renovated before we moved in. have a personal look as fast as possible.

also, after Corona we will have a cleaning service again, that is included in the rent.


you couldn't live situated more perfectly than this in Berlin - Friedrichshain, right at the S/U Frankfurter Allee, literally 1 Minute away from our house, the "Ringbahn" brings you everywhere in short time, the party area (Ostkreuz/Ostbahnhof/Warschauer Strasse) just one or two stops away, U-Bahn, Tram, Buses... you get everywhere in short time, no matter where you need to go. Kreuzberg around the corner, Alexanderplatz straight down the street, "Mitte" & Prenzlauer Berg just a few minutes away... you got everything you need in front of our door - the "Ringcenter" in front of the station is a huge mall (with Karstadt/Real etc.), REWE/Edeka/Lidl/Netto 2 mins away, the best (and cheapest) bakery of Berlin next door, couple of good Kebabs, Sushi/Vietnamese/Indian/Syrian places, even an old school Video store is right there :)


we have a social and open flat - friends and family (also yours of course), couchsurfers etc are always welcome. we are usually hanging out on our balcony, having breakfast together in the morning or a beer together in the evening. however, this is not a party flat, neither one for doing hard drugs. don't worry about that. if people wanna party they go to the common clubs for that. usually around midnight our place gets quiet and sleepy.
in the last years I lived together with people from all over world, doing the most different things - from Brazil to Canada, from Portugal to Hungary, from Iran to Israel, from Kenia to South Africa, from India to Australia. entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, atom physicians, you name it.
me, I'm in my early 30ies, studying psychology/psychotherapy, co-organizing a film festival, working in a cinema. more about me/us in person.

we have a social flat life, easy going and smooth, with space for everyones individuality. i used to host couchsurfers from all over the world, but due to covid this is on hold for now. you can join in the social area or withdraw to your room - it's perfectly situated for that, away from the living room, to the quiet backyard - as your mood allows :)


we are looking for subleting, for 2-12 months, but timespan is flexible and up for discussion. we prefer internationals, new people in berlin arriving here to settle in, or people, that just wanna experience the city for a while (doing a language course or internship for example), due to good experiences we made before. everyone can apply of course, including germans :) if you are not in town yet, we can also have a Skype/Whatsapp video call.

!!please note, that the mentioned price is per month. it's quiet high due to the fact that we do not rent out the biggest room - the living/dining room - making it instead into a place to socialize. also we have to pay extra taxes (zweitwohnungssteuer) and everything was renovated when we had to sign the new contract!!



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