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2 rooms in a queer-BIPOC friendly WG


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Hi !

Our queer-BIPOC friendly WG is looking for a two long term roommate starting from november !

If you are quiet and clean, love chill vibes and if a "safe space" means something to you, you are who we are looking for ! In the same spirit, our WG wouldn't be the right place for never-ending house parties or huge nightlife lovers, although we love to have a drink from time to time !

Our renovated Altbau WG is located in the busy and lively Hermannstraße, with absolutely everything in close vicinity : supermakets, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

There is a fully equipped kitchen in out apartment, a small living room area and two bathrooms.

For the 15m2 room, the rent is 380 + around 20 euros house expenses per month + 50 euros fee for the bed and mattress
For the 13m2 room, the rent is 350 + 20 euros house expenses

The deposit would be 2 rents

If you think you are the right match, send us a few words about yourself, what do you do and if you want, you could also send us a link on your Instagram page

Can't wait to meet you !

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