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Nebenkosten: 50€
Sonstige Kosten: 25€


frei ab: 02.12.2019

Online: 38 Minuten


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Angaben zum Objekt


It‘s simple.

I rent out this room.

Just call, have a look, and get it.
I do now a fast round, come over
and pay 325€ in cash.
You get the room direct by first visit.

I would like to welcome someone,
who is christmas addicted.

Hear you today!

Or chat u btw.

Closer details by WhatsApp
(siehe unten)

The offer is just for women


5 to 10 min. to subway or S-Bahn
also bus

elevator in the house,
daylight bathroom

close to kennedy rathaus

I am not all the time in the flat, i plan to travel, so the main living situation is a shared 2-room flat for two persons..

Maybe u search a ready-done living room, airbnb kind ? Options possible


I am a quiet livin person, who is also up to do party,
cooks a lot and likes to talk.
I live here now two years, i am us - german.
i am open for nice people proud girls
i run a music company wit big success!!!


ich bin eine ruhig lebende Person, welche auch Party mag,
sehr gerne kocht und gerne Unterhaltung führt.
Man kann hier ruhig leben.
Ich bewohne die Wohnung nun zwei Jahre, und bin deutsch.
Bin offen für nette Leute jeden Alters.


I would share my privacy, so i expect respect from the person
who i rent out to. Contract has a probation period,
direct whatsapp me cause mostly i miss emails.
This isnt for couples or people who want to have stady guests.
This isnt a hole flat, it's about a room.
Maybe it's optimal for a period of time till a you find your final home.


call me or sms, send email with facebook link or photo
-- just come over and visit --
The two room flat has open doors, this challenges a trusted living together
Will just call a mobile number back if u r on WhatsApp

as wished, also lightly furnished possible

it is also possible to use that room as storage for your things
while you're on holliday and rentin out your hole appartment

in case of that, put your boxes there, or your plants
will take care of them. monthly price is 100€ (winter break)

may also help u just as adress for 'Anmeldung'
with your name on the mailbox to reach letters (price to set)


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