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I quitted my contract by March 2021 because I move into a WG with friends. I will leave my room at latest at the 20th ofJanuary. We can talk about you moving in earlier, or later also.

The room is 12-meter square + 3 meter square for the sink and the closet. The room is fully furnished with all necessary equipment (bed, wardrobe, disk, shelf, chair). with shared kitchen and bathroom, the room is well located near the UN Campus train station which is at the heart of the city. Bonn central station (Hbf) and the city center is 10 minutes away by bike, and 5 minutes away by U-Bahn and bus (bus numbers 610 and 611 reach Bonn Hbf in 5 minutes.

There is a private place to park your bike. All other facilities are available. Shopping center (REWE, Lidl, dm..etc) are 5 minutes away from the dorm.


The room is located in the lovely neighborhood of Gronau near the world conference center , Deutsche welle and Kunst Museum Bonn - Museumsmeile, which is a very quiet and nice place. The room is near the university next to Bonn university (Endenicher campus). You can reach the campus in 10 minutes by bus or U-Bahn.
Moreover, in front of the building there is the bus stop of Bonn, Gronau Heussallee/Museumsmeile, from there you can take the bus lines 610, 611 to reach the Hbf and the Altestadt in 5 minutes. The UN-Campus train station is right in front of the building.

Lidl, Aldi and Rewe are 5 minutes walking distance, there is also a pharmacy, restaurants and coffee shop and you can reach those on feet as well.


I live in a dorm with many student from different countries where everyone is studying different subjects and have his/her own interests. We have a big kitchen , club room and the bar where we usually meet and talk, you will be very welcomed by other students from all over the world, just bring your humor and interest.


You can move in at latest at 20.01. Moving out date will be 5th of March. Unfortunately I can't extend it.

Just contact me and I can show you the room.

I hope I grab your interest, I will be happy to accept your email.

Kind regards,



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