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There will be actually two rooms available in the WG, as both of us, Diane and I, are moving out by the end of December because both of us found our own bigger apartments.

My room will be fully furnished, so you don't need to bring or buy new furniture! The room is around 20m² big, the other room (Diane's room) is slightly smaller. It might even be possible that you can move in by mid December.


The flat is located ca. 7 min from the main station. There is a tram station right in front of the building.
The next grocery store, pharmacy, cafes etc. is 5 minutes by feet.


Erisa will be your new flatmate, she also just moved in a month ago. She is 22 years old and is currently studying in Dusseldorf. Your other flatmate will also be someone new, meaning that all of

you can get to know each other and explore the city or do other fun activities together :) The WG has everything that you need, dishwasher, washing machine, completely equipped kitchen, balcony etc. We always had a very harmonious time living here.


Please only message me here if you are ok with buying all the furniture for 500 EUR.
The deposit might be slightly higher than the one mentioned above, I would have to clarify that with the housing agency.

It might be possible to move in by mid December, this would mean that we would share the rent for the month of December.

Again, females only!! I will otherwise not reply to your message, sorry.

Obviously you can message me in German, too, as I speak German. It was just easier to publish the ad only in English :)

Looking forward to hearing from you :)



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