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Weitere Angaben über mich

I'm Katinka and I'm joining the Global Sustainability Purchasing team at Henkel in the beginning of June. I'm super excited to start but I need to find a room until then.

I consider myself a very social person, with a sense of humour therefore would be happy to be part of a non-Zweck WG.
I try to go to gym quite regularly, mosty doing spinning and yoga.

I like movie nights and watched quite a lot of TV series too like Friends, Stranger Things, Dark, Handmaid's tale but like parties too every now and then.
I would say I like cooking if I have suffiecient time to do it, which I usually don't have. But would like to improve and cook more in the future.

I also really like travelling and being abroad, I lived in Norway for a semester and spent last summer in the USA on a work and travel program. There I even had room mates, so I know how to live together with other people (we are still friends with them, haha)

Ich spreche auch ein bisschen Deutsch aber reden ist ziemlich schwierig für mich, obwohl Deutsch die erste Sprach war, die ich in die Grundschule gelernt habe. Ich möchte gerne wieder üben und lernen.

If you think I could be a good fit to your WG team, drop me a message :)

Viele Grüße,


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Sport: n.a.
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