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WG Zimmer in netter und moderner 3er-WG, Top-Lage


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The room is 15sqm in size with a large window allowing plenty of daylight.
The room is furnished with:
A single bed
Study Table
Sofa Bed
Shoe racks

To the common rooms of the WG:
The bathroom and kitchen are well equipped and modern.
Coffee Maker
Gas Stove

There is a huge garden with a lounge to relax.

Smoking is allowed in the garden only.


The house is 10 mins walk from the 'Rodelheim S-bahn' station and 5 mins walk from 'In der Au’ bus stop. There are S3, S4 and S5 in every 5 mins. Central Station is just 10 mins by S-bahn. Aldi and Netto are 5 mins walk away and there is a Rewe near the station. The Autobahn is also 10 mins away.


We are two guys living in the apartment.
Patrick is a german guy who works as a marketing executive. He mostly stays in his room after coming from work and enjoys watching Anime.

Me I am a Master’s Student studying at Accadis, Bad Homburg. I mostly spend my time in the garden or kitchen cooking something up or stays in my room binge watching.

We sometimes sit in the kitchen and have a chat or have few drinks in the garden.


The additional cost includes electricity, water and wifi.
No loud noises after 10:00 pm.
If you have plans of throwing a party, you should consult with me and Patrick first.
Please do not call me on my mobile. Just drop a mail or whatsapp.

Please write a few words about you in the mail and add your Facebook or instagram link if possible.

Apartment viewing only by appointments.

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