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    TUM exchange student from Italy (Wintersemester)

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Weitere Angaben über mich

I’m Christian, I’m 24 years old and I am a Master’s student of Data Science at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, Italy. I am a very social person, I really like hanging out and getting to know new people, and I especially like to create nice atmospheres with the people I live with. I have lived for 4 years in a college with a lot of other people: we had many movie nights, dinners cooked together, morning runs and shared study sessions. That is to say I am the type of person that likes hanging out and doing things together – even though in some months the main activity that I can share is studying :P. I play the piano, I like running, biking, absolutely love the mountains and I enjoy philosophical/political discussions. Ah, I really like cooking as well – obviously I mostly know Italian recipes, so it depends if you like Italian dishes.

Professionally, I am really interested in machine learning and potential applications to healthcare: I will intern to a research lab (https://laussenlabs.ca/) this summer from the 17th of August to the beginning of October in Toronto, Canada – they try to better the ER diagnosis process by analysing high volumes of data in real time. I am also somewhat entrepreneurial: I have founded a startup when I was 20 years old, called Musa (https://www.playmusa.com/): we got 100k of funding and we have launched our app this summer.

I am moving to Muenchen for a semester to study at the faculty of Informatiks within the Erasmus program. I have a German friend I know since we were 16 whom I visited several times: she has studied Law in LMU since 2014. I also won the TUM Business game two years ago, so after having seen the environment, which I really liked, I decided to apply for an exchange there.
I am always available to skype!

Hope to hear from you soon,


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