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The room is 15 sqm and situated between the rooms of the flatmates. There is plenty of sunlight due to two windows and a nice green view outside. It is equipped with a gas heater that warms up the room quite nicely in colder times. We cannot offer furniture but there are secondhand stores closeby.


Our flat is located in Grone, ~10 minutes by bike from the city center and central campus. It is a very quiet neighbourhood. There are one Netto and one Edeka within 500 meters; apart from a Kiosk and a gas station which are open 24 hours. A Kaufland and a Lidl are slightly farther (~1 km).

The nearest bus stop(Tulpenweg) is about 3 minutes away on foot with a good connection to the city center - the bus needs about 5 minutes to bring you to the city center and leaves from Tulpenweg every 15 minutes.

The Leine (river) is also very close by - ideal place for joggers!


We the current flatmates are: Deb (Male, 24 years, Indian), a PhD student in physics working at the Max Planck Institute; and Lea (Female, 22 years, German), finishing her Bachelor studies in

Ethnology. We both have lived in Göttingen for more than a year. The room that'll be free is Stephie's (Female, 24 years, German), a psychology student, who is moving to her own flat. Lea's finishing her studies and might move out soon (about June probably).

We like to have social and relaxing evenings. We often have dinner/wine together and sometimes watch TV series/movies together. Since we are only three, and all quite talkative, quite often we end up spontaneously hanging out together :) Of course there are also many evenings where we spend time on our own or go out and see friends.
Deb likes to hike or take small trips around Göttingen in the weekends. He also enjoys cooking; and is always looking for people to join in his culinary experiments. Lea loves singing and bordgame evenings with friends and also enjoys cooking.


Stephie wants to get some money (~50€) back for the contributions she made towards buying some appliances six months ago including a vacuum cleaner and microwave.

Please write to us in English, as this is the main language in which we converse.

If you would like to come by spontaneously please call.

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