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Nebenkosten: 100€
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Kaution: 900€
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frei ab: 02.12.2021
Online: 01.12.2021


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Really nice small apartment with access to a garden. I am currently living alone and would like to share the costs and living space. The apartment has two rooms, a spacious kitchen, a bathroom and basically one hallway connecting all the rooms and the front door.

The first 4 pictures are of the available room!

The room does not come furnished, however i would leave two shelfs (one of them in the picture), a ceiling lamp, a self-made couch and a few plants there :D.

You access the apartment through the back yard (a garden that is shared with a few apartments). The apartment itself is in the second floor but has its own little stair case leading out to the garden.

There is an laundry machine in a little shed outside which is only used by me and my future flat mate.

Additionally there is an attic with lot a lot of storage space.


In the city center but situated in a cluster of back yards and gardens. It is a very calm and quit area, yet just 3 min. (by feet) away from the train station and approximately 5 min. to the "Gänseliesel". The central campus can be reached within 3min. by bike. There is plenty of connections to public transport as well and the house offers a safe parking are for bikes.


I really appreciate a respectful and friendly living atmosphere. I am usually not at home during the day but like to hang out for a beer or cook something together in the evening. I am open minded, easy going and a huge proponent of cleaning schedules :D.


Feel free to contact me here or via whatsapp (siehe unten).

The room is free from NOW on.



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