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weiblichweiblichweiblichMitbewohnerin gesucht Gemütliches Zimmer am Königsworther Platz



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 The room for rent is 20 square meters. The floor is carpeted, as seen in the photo. The room has a large window facing the forest, where you can see a beautiful view of trees and the Lake Leine.

 The basic furniture is part of the rent, you don't have to worry about anything, as you see it in the photo it is the room. The dishes are also included.

 Shortly before I move in, I'll be cleaning my own stuff a lot, so you can make the room yours.


Our shared apartment is located between Mitte and Linden-Nord of Hannover, close to the city center and the Leibniz University. Culinary, the apartment is super connected by numerous cafes, restaurants and various Spätis in the immediate vicinity.

The Königsworther Platz is only 6 min walking and 2 stops you get to Kröpke the city center, to take the bus it is 3 min, and with 3 stops you get to the city center that has many shops, cafes, bars, also There's a Rewe, Netto, Rossman nearby.
 If you walk east from the apartment, you can head to the Welfengarten at Leibniz Universität. Through the Herrenhausen Gardens, other faculties can be reached by bicycle in a few minutes and even on foot.


Your future partners are Ariadna (22) from Mexico, Soh-young (27)from South Korea and Zainab (19) from Bahrain, all study at GISMA, as you can see we are a multicultural apartment, that makes it more interesting when we live together, we like to talk on different topics and always with respect.

The dining room is our meeting point, we love celebrating birthdays, baking a pizza or just spending time together. We are anything but a shared apartment and a friendly but informal coexistence is important to us. But we also got enough peace and privacy because we all have a regular daily life and appreciate retiring so much.


We are all very careful about cleanliness and order, we have a calendar that has worked well for us so far, but new ideas are always welcome. If you are interested in living with us, we hope to receive a message that asks a little about you and will give us a little idea of ​​what belongs to you. And one think visits are allowed before 10 pm, we have some rules by the owner, if you have any questions you can write me.

You can come to the tour in person, we can also arrange a meeting with you via Skype or FaceTime.


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