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15m2 room in a 3-people shared flat by Woerder See - Available Feb. 1st


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Hi all!

It is with a lot of sadness that I am leaving my room in this amazing shared flat, not only because the apartment is great, but also because I am sharing it with 2 incredible people!
First thing to notice, this shared flat is international so it is necessary to speak English.

The apartment is ideally located, very close to the lake Woehrder See at the 1st floor of a nicely freshly renovated building. It is close to Rathenauplatz (<10min walk) where you can find everything (DM, Rewe, Penny, Deutsche Post, tram station, U Banh). It is also about 15min walk from Hauptmarkt. The best is that you have to walk about 1min to be at the Woehrder See and enjoy the lake, the nature.

In this apartment there are:
- 3 bedrooms
- 1 kitchen (fully equipped: oven, microwave, dishwasher...)
- 1 living room
- 1 bathroom (with washing machine + dryer)
- 1 little storage room
- 1 terrace
- 1 basement + cellar for bicycles

Please note that the bathroom will be renovated before February 1st and the bathtub you see will be replaced by a shower.

You will live with 2 very very nice persons:
- Markus, 31, German, combining several jobs. He is super active and sporty and loves to go for dinner, any type of activity, sports, literally anything! He can speak German, English and French
- Sille, 26, Estonian, working in the airport. She is basically the same as Markus, always happy for any activity, sport, dinner, drinks. She can speak English, Estonian and Finnish.

There is a real sense of community and if you like to share your apartment with friends, you will love being there.

The apartment is already equipped with everything you can imagine you would need. You basically only have to bring your stuff for your room and you are good to go!

I will free up my room from February 1st.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for any information. The best way is to text me on WhatsApp on my French mobile number below starting with 0033.

Thank you and hope to meet you soon!


Close to Woehrder See, great location!


International shared flat


You can contact me any time via message!


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