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My name is Vlad ( don't be confused, I am using our flatmate WG-gesucht, but basically you will be contacting me)
I am moving to a different room within the flat, therefore, my room is going to be free from 1.01.23.
This room is the smallest one in the flat but in my humble opinion one of the coolest ones. I lived in it for a year and can say that it has everything you need. I change rooms only cuz there is a balcony in the other room

Also needs to say that room is fully furnished by the landlord but some things are mine and I will take it with me ( or we will agree on some kind of transfer fees/some other terms i guess)


The flat is located in the South of the city, there is a small park nearby, rewe, Aldi, basically, everything you need will be located within 5 minutes on foot.
The Tram station is

going to be really close , for U-bahn you will have to walk 7 minutes and it will take 8-10 minutes to come to S-bahn


It is a 9-peeps-flat, which is nice, you will never get bored here. There is a tight international community, we do have good contact with all the other people who used to live here so we have friends all over Germany and World in general.

( To see that u read the whole text - please write me if you like pasta or potatoes more. We don't exactly want to read 100 copy-paste messages so make it clear that you are interested and that you read the description, thanks!)


Overall this place is cool, we all are relaxed and welcoming everyone. Interviews are preferred in person, but the zoom is arrangeable.
If you have any questions - feel free to text me on WhatsApp, my number is below

Hope to see you soon!


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