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frei ab: 09.01.2022
Online: 29.12.2021


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A beautiful bright room is available from January!
The apartment is located in the City Center of Nuremberg.
It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, and even a big balcony.
95% of the time I am not home, for this reason, the apartment will be mostly yours.

The apartment is on the 3rd floor.
When I moved here, the apartment was completely renovated and I furnished the apartment with new appliances and new furniture.
Every cost is included in the rent.

Your new room is bright and new.
If you don´t have your own furniture, my ex-roommate would be happy to give his:
Bed and Mattress = 150 Euro
Side Table = 10 Euro
Coats Hanger = 20 Euro

Very central location:
The apartment is in the city center. Only 2 minutes on foot from the main market and Frauenkirche and only 5 minutes from Wöhrder Wiese.
Ideal opportunities for shopping, eating, drinking, partying, the gym, etc.

Parking is very good with a very cheap parking permit

from the city of Nuremberg (30 euros for the whole year).

I work as an engineer. I am only 95% of the time at home.
I have many interests: painting, music, dancing, singing, finance, economics. But above all, sport. I love going to the gym, as well as Freeletics, basketball, tennis, and I'm always involved in sports :)

Framework conditions:
Since I unfortunately already had a few applicants here who were ok with me, but not the landlord's ok, there are a few basic conditions that you should meet:

>>> an employment contract, if possible for an indefinite period, or at least one that still runs for 6 months.
>>> Your income should not be less than 1300 EUR net
>>> And of course, you are not allowed to have any rental debts

If the framework conditions are right for you and you feel addressed by my offer,
I am looking forward to a message from you :)



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