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19 Square meter room available, open minded, calm and lots of plants.



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frei ab: 04.07.2020
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Angaben zum Objekt


I'm searching for someone to share my place with, the building was built in 1911, it has a lot fo character and the apartment is cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. The room its self comes with a bed that I made myself and can vouch for its comfortability, the room can be provided with a mattress, or alternatively, if you have your own, that is not a problem. The room is 19 square meters, the apartment is around 82, with a 20 square meter private terrace and communal garden, with secure bike storage.

We are situated quite close (20m) to amenities such as supermarkets and of course, countless Vegan food options and of course, Boxhagner Platz market, great for veggies on a Saturday and a bit of used chic on a Sunday. For those who like to escape the city, the iron clasp that is the Berlin Ring Bahn loop is not far and on the other side, you are welcomed by great expanses of water and the beginnings of the great green east. If you are a frequent traveller, this is very connected to all airports, including the catastrophe that is the forthcoming BER fiasco. Ostkruetz is also very close, I timed the doors closing at Ostkruetz and to when they opened at Schonefeld, it was around 13 minutes.

A bit about me, I was born in Argentina, but I went to school in the U.K, I speak Castellano, but a little rusty, my Deutsch also could use with some stimulation and practising, so open to all languages, not just the English that I'm writing to you in at this moment. I like to cook, I like to dance, but also like to do such activities as Yoga, Sauna, Longboard, Guitar... I'm very open-minded and enjoy original and honest personalities. I love music and the presentation of sound. As you can tell from the photos, I like colour and giving things new life.
The apartment also has quite a large terrace, that gets sun, so much so, I'm currently building a system so there will be leafy greens available to eat direct from the terrace.

Below is a link to my reviews from Air BNB, maybe can give a more objective painting of myself :)

I do like to keep a fairly clean and kept apartment, I believe its calming. I have quite a simple analogy...if you don't pick it up, then who Will?

If this sounds of interest please get in touch and we can meet for a chat and see if its something that clicks, the place looks a lot better, in reality, my phone technology is not the best at capturing its true light. I have stipulated a 3-month term, but this is just as a test, my dream would be to have someone long term.

Many thanks for your time



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