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Couple in Search of Flat

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Rosie H. (w), 21 sucht Wohnung in München (Rauche nicht) Ich spreche diese Sprache/n: Deutsch Deutsch, Englisch Englisch, Hindi Hindi, Türkisch Türkisch

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Zeitraum: ab 28.11.2018
Zimmeranzahl: 1-2
Stadtteile: All, preferably within 30 minutes of city center
Haustyp: egal
Einrichtung: möbliert, unmöbliert
Sonstiges: n.a.

Weitere Angaben über mich

We are a couple looking for a one or two room apartment to rent.

A little about us:
Between the two of us 9 languages are spoken and 6 different countries have been lived in. We love to travel, though finding the time and money is a whole different ballpark. Besides this some of our favourite activities are cooking together- pancakes are a particular favourite of Taimur's, reading books in coffeeshops or the Englischer Garten, and finding the best Chinese food in town- one place knows our faces and orders we are there so often.

We don't have any pets at the moment, we live vicariously through Instagram cats and dogs. We spend most of our time either at work or school. We are hardworking and focused on our careers. Taimur works from 9am- 6pm and Rosie is on campus for 5-12 hours a day during the semester and has two jobs. Right now we just want somewhere to call our own so we can come home to each other at the end of the day.

We hope your place is the perfect fit.



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