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[Suchen] 1-2-Zimmerwohnung for a couple (an engineer & a student)


Ms/Mrs Chan (, 27) sucht Wohnung in München (Rauche nicht). Ich spreche diese Sprache/n: Englisch Englisch, Chinesisch Chinesisch

Gesuch online: 4 Tage


Zeitraum: ab 15.03.2020
Zimmeranzahl: n.a.
Stadtteile: Hadern, Sendling, Westpark
Haustyp: egal
Einrichtung: möbliert, unmöbliert, Küche vorhanden
Sonstiges: n.a.

Weitere Angaben über mich

We are Yumi and KaHo from Hong Kong. We are 27 years old and just got married. I am currently a master student at TUM studying informatics and KaHo will move to München and work as a software engineer soon. Thus, we are looking for an apartment to live together since mid-March/Apr.

We are easy-going, open-minded and respectful. We don't smoke & party, and have no pet. We like to go hiking/do some sports sometimes, and probably explore the city. Otherwise, we spend most of our time in front of the computers (you know, because of our profession).

Room Size doesn't matter (as the rooms in HK are really small and we are used to it)
Preferably in/near Hadern or U6 (the southern end, from Implerstraße to Klinikum Großhadern), but we also open to other areas.
*KVR/Anmeldung is needed.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much for your consideration!


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