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66 sqm wohnung / Apartment available for rent from 04.2020 Soest


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Angaben zum Objekt

Well maintained apartment for rent; available from 04.2020.
It is in south of Soest.

You can opt for full furniture (2 double beds, Full kitchen except Oven, Microwave over will be provided, tables, chairs, Iron cupboards... Ideally one can move-in JUST with cloths) just for 2000/- EUR; as we are giving kitchen, beds, cupboards, tables, chairs, cutlery, etc etc.,(almost everything needed in an apartment)

Note that either one or both of you should be working on Permanent basis in Soest.

MOST Importantly, you have NO regular stairs cleaning, NO bin clearing, NOTHING to take care outside the apartment. Water & Gas prices are already included in Warmmeite.

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