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weiblichMitbewohnerin gesucht Impressive room in front of nature!



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Kaution: 1000€
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This place has two bedrooms and a kitchen, and a bathroom, totally is about 80 qm. One room is available in my place. The place is really nice, peaceful, and attractive. You will have an amazing view via the balcony and stunning garden. This house is fully furnished. There is a kitchen with all facilities. In general, things are well organized and clean. It is also possible to extend the contract for the long term.


From two directions one can get here, once is from Waldeck and the other one is from Sonnenberg. you have Ubahn from both directions and within 5 minutes you can get to the local forest. There is a supermarket Kaufland you can get there within 15 minutes. Moreover, it is close to Riedsee which is a beautiful lake.


The landlords are a lovely old couple, they are really nice and kind. It might be a chance that they make an extension of your contract. This much rent is included (gas, water, electricity, and other things).



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