4 students looking for a house

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Hello, we are 4 international girls Radboud students all non smokers between 21 and 28 looking for a house. We have been roommates at an SSHN complex since the beginning of the academic year and would like to move out to a more permanent place that is clean and quiet to enjoy our time together and focus on our studies. Our main priorities are to have 4 bedrooms and proximity to public transport.
Mini introduction
Tea: psychology bachelor student, working a part-time job, one of my hobbies is reading and riding my bike.
Giulia: biology student, I enjoy baking, hiking and knitting.
Sofia: I'm a master student in conservation and restoration ecology, I'm a recipient of the Holland scholarship. I enjoy cooking and reading.
Saioa: I'm a master student in neuroscience (Donder's institute) who likes hanging out with friends, going climbing and using my longboard.
We would like to find a place where we can enjoy our free time together by watching a movie or playing boardgames.

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