Living in Bavaria

There is a green, partly wooded meadow in the foreground and there are mountains in the background.
Hiking is fun in the Free State of Bavaria. There are fascinating hiking tours in the region of the Alpine foothills and in the Bavarian Forest.

Mia san mia (we are who we are)

The former slogan of the Bavarian football club FC Bayern München is reflecting the sense of life of all Bavarians today. The population of Germany’s biggest state is very aware of tradition and proud of the Free State of Bavaria. The state in South-Eastern Germany has a lot to offer: culinarily, culturally and scenically. Because of highlands, Alpine foothills and the low mountain range Bavarian Forest, Bavaria is a diversified and green place to live. The local cooking of the Bavarians is known way beyond the state’s borders. Also world-famous are a traditional style of folk dance – called ‘Schuhplattlern’ – and the traditional garments ‘Dirndl’ for women and ‘Lederhosen’ for men. Success made in Bavaria. Not only proves the record champion FC Bayern München that Bavaria is a successful state. The Bavarians have a top spot in other fields as well. The first German railway originates from Nuremberg. The popular board game ‘Mensch ärgere dich nicht’ has been invented in Giesing which is a part of Munich.

The state capital Munich

Munich enjoys enormous variety culturally and so the city offers something for everyone’s needs: Oktoberfest, Tollwoodfestival, traditional Viktualienmarkt and much more. Tourists visit the tower of the church ‘Alter Peter’ to have the best view of the town. When the weather is fine it is possible to see the Alps from up there and also the green lung of Munich: the English Garden. A stream named ‘Eisbach’ flows through this huge park. Experienced surfers are able to surf on a big wave of the Eisbach – a strange and worthwhile spectacle in the middle of the city. Munich is famous for its housing market and the difficult search for an apartment in the 25 boroughs. The urban districts which are close to the center of the city and the old town are popular. People who want to live near a beer garden don’t have to worry: there are over 1.000 beer gardens in the Bavarian state capital.

Other popular cities in Bavaria


The city near the river Lech is internationally known for the puppetry ‘Augsburger Puppenkiste’. Locals call their hometown ‘Augschburg’. The birth houses of Berthold Brecht and Leopold Mozart are situated in Augsburg and also the first social settlement is located here – called Fuggerei. Today people in need can live there for 0.88€ per year. There are many festivals in Augsburg during the year: ‘Plärrer’ which is the biggest fair in the ‘Bavarian Swabia’ and a traditional Christmas fair called ‘Christkindlesmarkt’. The ‘Hohe Friedensfest’ is the most special festival. It is celebrated on the 8th of August and an official holiday – but only in Augsburg.


The most famous building in the university town of Bamberg is the Imperial Cathedral with four towers. The cathedral is situated on the Domberg. Bamberg was built on seven hills – on only one of the seven mountains there is no church: the ‘Abtshügel’. Bamberg is worth visiting – not because of its size – but because of its beautiful flair: historic and baroque buildings, narrow streets and hidden corners.


The location of this city is very special. Passau is located near the Austrian border and at the so-called ‘Dreiflüsseeck’ – an area where the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz meet. The baroque old town was built by Italian architects who brought a southern flair to Passau. Because of its location and the architectural style the city is referred to as the ‘Venice of Bavaria’. Characteristic features of Passau are the mighty castle ‘Vester Oberhaus’ and the biggest cathedral organ worldwide in the St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Ciudades pequeñas en Bayern

Baar (Schwaben) Baar-Ebenhausen Babenhausen Babensham Bach a.d. Donau Bachhagel Bad Abbach Bad Aibling Bad Alexandersbad Bad Bayersoien Bad Berneck i. Fichtelgebirge Bad Birnbach Bad Bocklet Bad Brückenau Bad Endorf Bad Feilnbach Bad Füssing Bad Griesbach i. Rottal Bad Grönenbach Bad Heilbrunn Bad Hindelang Bad Kohlgrub Bad Königshofen i. Grabfeld Bad Kötzting Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale Bad Reichenhall Bad Rodach Bad Staffelstein Bad Steben Bad Wiessee Bad Windsheim Bad Wörishofen Baierbach Baierbrunn Baiern Baiersdorf Baisweil Balderschwang Balzhausen Barbing Bastheim Baudenbach Baunach Bayerbach Bayerbach b. Ergoldsbach Bayerisch Eisenstein Bayerisch Gmain Bayrischzell Bechhofen Bechtsrieth Beilngries Bellenberg Benediktbeuern Benningen Beratzhausen Berching Berchtesgaden Berg Berg Berg b. Neumarkt i.d. OPf. Berg im Gau Bergheim Bergkirchen Berglern Bergrheinfeld Bergtheim Bernau a. Chiemsee Bernbeuren Berngau Bernhardswald Bernried Bernried am Starnberger See Bessenbach Betzenstein Betzigau Beutelsbach Biberbach Bibertal Biburg Bichl Bidingen Biebelried Bieberehren Biessenhofen Bindlach Binswangen Birgland Bischberg Bischbrunn Bischofsgrün Bischofsheim a.d. Rhön Bischofsmais Bischofswiesen Bissingen Blaibach Blaichach Blankenbach Blindheim Bobingen Bockhorn Bodenkirchen Bodenmais Bodenwöhr Bodolz Bogen Bolsterlang Bonstetten Boos Brand Brannenburg Breitbrunn Breitbrunn a. Chiemsee Breitenberg Breitenbrunn Breitenbrunn Breitengüßbach Breitenthal Brennberg Bruck Bruck i.d. OPf. Bruckberg Bruckberg Bruckmühl Brunn Brunnen Brunnthal Bubenreuth Bubesheim Buch Buch a. Buchrain Buch a. Erlbach Buch a. Wald Buchbach Buchbrunn Buchdorf Buchenberg Buchhofen Buchloe Buckenhof Bundorf Burgau Burgberg i. Allgäu Burgbernheim Burgebrach Burggen Burghaslach Burghausen Burgheim Burgkirchen a.d. Alz Burgkunstadt Burglauer Burglengenfeld Burgoberbach Burgpreppach Burgsalach Burgsinn Burgthann Burgwindheim Burk Burkardroth Burtenbach Buttenheim Buttenwiesen Buxheim Buxheim Bächingen a.d. Brenz Bärnau Böbing Böbrach Böhen Böhmfeld Büchenbach Büchlberg Bürgstadt Bütthard
Haag Haag a.d. Amper Haag i. OB Haar Haarbach Habach Hafenlohr Hagelstadt Hagenbüchach Hahnbach Haibach Haibach Haidmühle Haimhausen Haiming Hainsfarth Halblech Haldenwang Haldenwang Halfing Hallbergmoos Hallerndorf Hallstadt Halsbach Hammelburg Happurg Harsdorf Hartenstein Haselbach Hasloch Hattenhofen Haundorf Haunsheim Hausen Hausen Hausen Hausen Hausen b. Würzburg Hausham Hauzenberg Hawangen Haßfurt Hebertsfelden Hebertshausen Heideck Heigenbrücken Heiligenstadt i. OFr. Heilsbronn Heimbuchenthal Heimenkirch Heimertingen Heinersreuth Heinrichsthal Heldenstein Helmbrechts Helmstadt Hemau Hemhofen Hemmersheim Hendungen Henfenfeld Hengersberg Hepberg Herbstadt Heretsried Hergatz Hergensweiler Heroldsbach Heroldsberg Herrieden Herrngiersdorf Herrsching a. Ammersee Hersbruck Hettenshausen Hettstadt Hetzles Heustreu Heßdorf Hilgertshausen-Tandern Hilpoltstein Hiltenfingen Hiltpoltstein Himmelkron Himmelstadt Hinterschmiding Hirschaid Hirschau Hirschbach Hitzhofen Hochstadt a. Main Hofheim i. UFr. Hofkirchen Hofstetten Hohenaltheim Hohenau Hohenberg a.d. Eger Hohenbrunn Hohenburg Hohenfels Hohenfurch Hohenkammer Hohenlinden Hohenpeißenberg Hohenpolding Hohenroth Hohenthann Hohenwart Hohenwarth Hollenbach Hollfeld Hollstadt Holzgünz Holzheim Holzheim Holzheim Holzheim a. Forst Holzkirchen Hopferau Horgau Huglfing Huisheim Hummeltal Hunderdorf Hunding Hurlach Hutthurm Höchberg Höchheim Höchstadt a.d. Aisch Höchstädt a.d. Donau Höchstädt i. Fichtelgebirge Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn Hörgertshausen Hösbach Höslwang Höttingen
Saal a.d. Donau Saal a.d. Saale Saaldorf-Surheim Sachsen b. Ansbach Sachsenkam Sailauf Salching Saldenburg Salgen Salz Salzweg Samerberg Sand a. Main Sandberg Sankt Englmar Sankt Oswald-Riedlhütte Sankt Wolfgang Sauerlach Saulgrub Schalkham Schauenstein Schaufling Schechen Scheidegg Scheinfeld Schernfeld Scherstetten Scheuring Scheyern Scheßlitz Schierling Schillingsfürst Schiltberg Schirmitz Schirnding Schlammersdorf Schleching Schlehdorf Schliersee Schlüsselfeld Schmidgaden Schmidmühlen Schmiechen Schnabelwaid Schnaitsee Schnaittach Schnaittenbach Schneckenlohe Schneeberg Schneizlreuth Schnelldorf Schollbrunn Schondorf am Ammersee Schondra Schongau Schonstett Schonungen Schopfloch Schrobenhausen Schwabach Schwabbruck Schwabhausen Schwabmünchen Schwabsoien Schwaig b. Nürnberg Schwaigen Schwandorf Schwanfeld Schwangau Schwanstetten Schwarzach Schwarzach a. Main Schwarzach b. Nabburg Schwarzenbach Schwarzenbach a. Wald Schwarzenbach a.d. Saale Schwarzenbruck Schwarzenfeld Schwarzhofen Schwebheim Schweitenkirchen Schwenningen Schwifting Schwindegg Schäftlarn Schöfweg Schöllkrippen Schöllnach Schönau Schönau a. Königssee Schönau a.d. Brend Schönberg Schönberg Schönbrunn i. Steigerwald Schöngeising Schönsee Schönthal Schönwald Seefeld Seeg Seehausen a. Staffelsee Seeon-Seebruck Seeshaupt Segnitz Seinsheim Selb Selbitz Senden Sengenthal Sennfeld Seubersdorf i.d. OPf. Seukendorf Seybothenreuth Seßlach Siegenburg Siegsdorf Sielenbach Sigmarszell Simbach Simbach a. Inn Simmelsdorf Simmershofen Sindelsdorf Sinzing Solnhofen Sommerach Sommerhausen Sommerkahl Sonderhofen Sondheim v.d. Rhön Sonnefeld Sonnen Sontheim Sonthofen Soyen Spalt Spardorf Sparneck Spatzenhausen Speichersdorf Speinshart Spiegelau Stadelhofen Stadlern Stadtbergen Stadtlauringen Stadtprozelten Stadtsteinach Stallwang Stammbach Stammham Stammham Stamsried Staudach-Egerndach Stegaurach Stein Steinach Steinbach a. Wald Steinberg am See Steindorf Steinfeld Steingaden Steinhöring Steinkirchen Steinsfeld Steinwiesen Stephanskirchen Stephansposching Stetten Stettfeld Stiefenhofen Stockheim Stockheim Stockstadt a. Main Strahlungen Straßkirchen Straßlach-Dingharting Strullendorf Stubenberg Stulln Störnstein Stötten a. Auerberg Stöttwang Sugenheim Sulzbach a. Main Sulzberg Sulzdorf a.d. Lederhecke Sulzemoos Sulzfeld Sulzfeld a. Main Sulzheim Sulzthal Surberg Syrgenstein Söchtenau Sünching
Waakirchen Waal Wachenroth Wackersberg Wackersdorf Waffenbrunn Waging a. See Waidhaus Waidhofen Waigolshausen Waischenfeld Wald Wald Waldaschaff Waldbrunn Waldbüttelbrunn Walderbach Waldershof Waldkirchen Waldkraiburg Waldmünchen Waldsassen Waldstetten Waldthurn Walkertshofen Wallenfels Wallerfing Wallersdorf Wallerstein Wallgau Walpertskirchen Walsdorf Waltenhausen Waltenhofen Walting Wang Warmensteinach Warngau Wartenberg Wartmannsroth Wasserburg (Bodensee) Wasserburg a. Inn Wasserlosen Wassertrüdingen Wattendorf Wechingen Wegscheid Wehringen Weibersbrunn Weichering Weichs Weidenbach Weidenberg Weidhausen b. Coburg Weiding Weiding Weigendorf Weigenheim Weihenzell Weiherhammer Weihmichl Weil Weilbach Weiler-Simmerberg Weilersbach Weilheim i. OB Weiltingen Weisendorf Weismain Weitnau Weitramsdorf Weißdorf Weißenbrunn Weißenburg i. Bay. Weißenhorn Weißenohe Weißensberg Weißenstadt Welden Wellheim Wemding Wendelstein Weng Wenzenbach Wernberg-Köblitz Werneck Wertach Wertingen Wessobrunn Westendorf Westendorf Westerheim Westerngrund Westheim Wettringen Wettstetten Weyarn Weßling Wiedergeltingen Wielenbach Wiesau Wiesen Wiesenbach Wiesenbronn Wiesenfelden Wiesent Wiesenthau Wiesentheid Wiesenttal Wieseth Wiesthal Wiggensbach Wilburgstetten Wildenberg Wildflecken Wildpoldsried Wildsteig Wilhelmsdorf Wilhelmsthal Wilhermsdorf Willanzheim Willmars Willmering Windach Windberg Windelsbach Windischeschenbach Windorf Windsbach Winhöring Winkelhaid Winklarn Winterbach Winterhausen Winterrieden Winzer Wipfeld Wirsberg Wittelshofen Wittibreut Wittislingen Witzmannsberg Wolfersdorf Wolferstadt Wolfertschwenden Wolframs-Eschenbach Wolfsegg Wollbach Wolnzach Wonfurt Wonneberg Wonsees Woringen Wunsiedel Wurmannsquick Wurmsham Wörnitz Wörth Wörth a. Main Wörth a.d. Donau Wörthsee Wülfershausen a.d. Saale