Houses in Leipzig: 83 Requests

 Rooms  Published Max. € Min. m² Desired district From Until
5 2800€ Altlindenau, Anger-Crotte... aktuell  
1 400€ Leipzig aktuell  
1 700€ Leipzig aktuell  
5-7 2000€ Leipzig aktuell  
1 300€ Leipzig aktuell  
5-9 2500€ 100m² Leipzig aktuell  
2-4 800€ 50m² Altlindenau, Anger-Crotte... aktuell  
1-2 800€ Connewitz, Kleinzschocher... aktuell  
1 450€ Leipzig aktuell  
2 700€ Leipzig aktuell  
1 900€ Leipzig aktuell  
3 700€ 40m² Leipzig aktuell  
1 400€ 20m² Leipzig aktuell  
3 1500€ Leipzig aktuell  
5-15 1500€ 130m² Leipzig aktuell  
1 300€ Leipzig aktuell  
3-4 800€ Altlindenau, Lindenau, Pl... aktuell  
2 500€ 17m² Leipzig aktuell  
1 300€ Leipzig aktuell  
7 3700€ 220m² Leipzig aktuell  

17 people looked for a tenant or next tenant in Leipzig in the last 24 hours.

Tenant for house in Leipzig wanted

If you have a house in Leipzig available for rent, then you are at the right place. Please click on the magnifier on the right hand side of the Requests to get more information about each one of the potential tenants in Leipzig. To increase your chance of finding the perfect tenant for your property, feel free to create a free Offer at: "Create Offer". Make sure you select the town "Leipzig", as well as category "house". Good luck finding a nice tenant in Leipzig!
Your Team

If you are looking for a house in Leipzig that is available for rent then just submit a free real estate Request at: "Create Request". Make sure you choose the town "Leipzig", and the category "house". Good Luck finding your new house in Leipzig! Your Team!

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