Living in Brandenburg

On the right there is a forest path surrounded by trees. On the left there is a lake.
Brandenburg is a place for lovers of nature. There are many hiking trails in the large forest landscapes.

Nature reserve and state of castles

In Brandenburg nature lovers enjoy enormous woods and numerous lakes. The state in the Northeast of Germany is the richest in waters. One third of the area of Brandenburg are conservation areas. The traditional and local cuisine uses all products that derive from nature of the area: fish from the inland lakes, potatoes from the fields and mushrooms from the forests. A popular dish is cooked pike with boiled potatoes and a special herbal sauce with cream, called ‘Spreewaldsoße’. An important economical factor of the state is the tourism. Not only the nature, but also many beautiful, imposing castles are the reason why people visit Brandenburg. Freaks of adventures and action meet each other at the big theme park ‘Tropical Island’. Brandenburg is populated sparsely for the most part. Therefore the rental prices are moderate and the apartment market is relaxed.

The state capital Potsdam

Potsdam is growing continuously because of its advantageous location near Berlin. The beautiful city is not only a popular place of residence but also a popular German tourist destination for some time past. Potsdam travelers can visit fifteen different castles – including the impressive palace complex and park ‘Sanssouci’. This visitation alone is worth a journey to Potsdam. On walks through the inner-city of Potsdam visitors discover the multifacetedness of the city: the beautiful Dutch Quarter, the district Babelsberg where the first big film studio worldwide is located or the Russian village ‘Alexandrowka’. The student life in Potsdam is recommended. The students are very well interconnected. Every evening another self-organized event is taking place in one of the pubs or clubs. People who want to live in Potsdam have to adjust oneself to the difficult apartment search there, but the connected student-community will help as much as they can.

Other popular cities in Brandenburg

Brandenburg an der Havel

This city gave the state its name. Brandenburg City is interesting visiting because of three traditional, medieval centers of the city. The cathedral ‘St. Peter and Paul’, parts of the city wall with four gate towers, the city hall building and many churches are worth seeing. The population of Brandenburg City evaluates the quality of life as positive. The city is growing steadily.


The city that is located in the region ‘Lausitz’ is very special: a part of the population is speaking German and another part is speaking Sorbian. The road signs are bilingual and Cottbus has a second Sorbian name ‘Chosebuz’. The restored historic city of Cottbus and the art nouveau state theatre invite to visiting. The ‘Branitzer Park’ is with special pyramids the most beautiful public green space in Cottbus.

Frankfurt (Oder)

In 1991 the Viadrina University of Frankfurt (Oder) opened after 180 years of closing. Therefore many young people came to the city. They enjoy many student parties, favorable prices and the proximity to Poland – a short path crossing the river Oder and the destination is reached. Frankfurt (Oder) has plenty to offer culturally. The dramatist Kleist was born there. He gave the modern cultural hall ‘Kleist Forum’ its name. An elaborate specialty are sculptures and wall painting which can be found everywhere in the city.

Small towns in Brandenburg