Living in Saxony-Anhalt

There is a river and a bridge. In the background there is are steeples.
Discover the state Saxony-Anhalt. Visitors are able to enjoy city trips as well as experience the attractive nature.

The undiscovered state

For a long time, Saxony-Anhalt was a less populated and a less touristic area in Germany. This has changed in the last years. The state offers exciting tourist attractions in five different regions: The rural ‘Altmark’ is a place to be for bikers and hikers. In ‘Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg’ tourists are able to follow the traces of Martin Luther or visit World Cultural Heritage monuments. The ‘Harz’ is the best destination for families. There, in the biggest mountains of Germany, people can go skiing, snowboarding, climbing or hiking. The region ‘Magdeburg-Elbe-Börde-Heide’ offers beautiful cities and adventures. The most northern German wine-growing area is located in the picturesque region ‘Halle-Saale-Unstrut’. Saxony-Anhalt offers many local specialities which are popular nationally: the oldest beer of the world ‘Garley’, the sweet ‘Halloren-Kugeln’ and the low-calorie cheese ‘Harzer’. The housing market in the state is relaxed.

The state capital Magdeburg

The inland harbor town is the industrial center of the state. Many companies of the engineering industry are located in Magdeburg. Furthermore the city is an important manufacturing base for wind turbines. There is plenty to visit in the ‘Ottostadt Magdeburg’: the Gothic Dome ‘St. Mauritius und St. Katharina’, the large waterway intersection, the medieval sculpture ‘Magdeburger Reiter’ and the Green Citadel – an imposing building of the artist Hundertwasser. In the city near the Elbe people of all generations feel comfortable. Magdeburg offers enormous sport and leisure facilities and education opportunities for people of every age. Students like spending time at beach bars near the Elbe. Older people relax in large parks. The quality of life is high in the 40 different neighborhoods of Magdeburg. Not without good reason, the city is also called ‘second greenest city in Germany’. This was published by a ranking of

Other popular cities in Saxony-Anhalt


The city is a place for people which are interested in design or architecture, because Dessau-Roßlau is world-famous for Bauhaus Design. Visitors not only visit the Bauhaus buildings, but also many historic places in the city, like the castle ‘Georgium’ in the popular park ‘Dessau-Wörlitzer Gartenreich’, the mausoleum in the animal park and the castle ‘Luisium’. To explore the whole city, it is recommended to walk, because a large part of the inner city is a pedestrian area.

Halle (Saale)

Today this city is called cultural capital of Saxony-Anhalt. Musicians and actors perform in thrilling and magnificent plays on the stages of the opera house Halle and on the stages of the theatre ‘Kulturinsel’. A specialty of the beautiful university town is the partly four-armed course of the river Saale. Therefore there are six islands in Halle (Saale) which are used as conservation areas or as housing areas.


Ones this city was destroyed heavily, but in the past decades plenty has changed. Merseburg increased, because several districts were integrated and the city became an important economical and industrial location of big chemical concerns. There are many sights in the college town: the dome, the castle and the castle garden. Also there are many interesting museums, like the German chemical museum and the museum of technology and aviation.

Small towns in Sachsen-Anhalt