Living in Bremen

A marketplace with historic buildings at sunset.
The historic city center of Bremen is a place to be. A city tour through Bremen is worthwhile.

City, country, river

Different from Berlin and Hamburg the state ‘Freie Hansestadt Bremen’ isn’t a city state, but together with Bremerhaven the only two-city-state in Germany. The Federal waterway Weser connects the two cities which are 57 kilometers apart. Bremen’s ports are among the largest ports in Germany and Europe. The inhabitants of the state are pleased with the proximity to the North Sea: citizens of Bremen get in less than an hour from the city to the coast, Bremerhaven is located directly by the sea. Bremen is well known for its beautiful historic city, the old houses of the Hansa and the impressive town hall building on the marketplace. The city’s landmarks are ‘The Town Musicians of Bremen’ and the ‘Roland of Bremen statue’ – a symbol of freedom. A specialty is a medieval quarter called ‘Schnoor’. The narrow streets in this area of the historic city are car-free. Many visitors stroll through the little shops that sell handicrafts. Because the Weser flows through the inner city of Bremen the population differentiates the neighborhoods between on the right or on the left side of the Weser. As an popular university town and metropolis Bremen attracts many students and jobs starters. On warmer days young people like spending their free time at the ‘Osterwiese’ or at the beach of ‘Werdersee’. Bremen’s inner city offers many pubs, nice cafés and cool secondhand shops. The rental prices are rising because of Bremen’s popularity.

Popular neighborhoods in Bremen


The neighborhood Bremen Mitte is one of the most beautiful areas in the hansa town because of its historic center. The mixture of old Gothic style buildings and modern houses is powerful. Mitte offers numerous shopping facilities, many museums, for example the ‘Kunsthalle Bremen’, or places of relaxation at the historic riverwalk ‘Schlachte’.


The colorful district is very popular with the students. Neustadt is a place for revelers. There are many pubs and cultural locations where young people come together in the evenings. Every new trend is booming in Neustadt. Gin and craft beer bars, cool burger snacks, pop-up-stores or popular bowl-food – the inhabitants of the district are glad about the versatile offerings. A further specialty of Neustadt is the project ‘Urban Gardening’. Areas without nature like in the past the ‘Lucie-Flechtmann-Platz’ are going to be replanted.

Östliche Vorstadt

Here the so called ‘Bermuda triangle of Bremen’ is located: an area in Östliche Vorstadt where many pubs are situated. Östliche Vorstadt is a district with numerous cultural offers and leisure facilities. The cultural festival ‘Breminale’ is taking place in Östliche Vorstadt every year. At the ‘Osterdeich’ young and old citizens are able to grill, relax or enjoy a beautiful sunset. In Östliche Vorstadt the second home of many fans of the football club ‘Werder Bremen’ is located: the ‘Weserstadion’. The neighborhood is one of the most popular residential areas in Bremen. Therefore the rental prices are high.