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    (ASAP) HSHL International Student Looking for Accommodation!

Ich suche derzeit keine neue WG oder Wohnung

Zeitraum: n.a.
Stadtteile: n.a.
Haustyp: egal
Einrichtung: n.a.
Sonstiges: n.a.

Weitere Angaben über mich

Hello, I am a male student born in 1998 (20-years-old), South Korea.

I would like to move in from 1st October or earlier if possible. If there's any room in Lippstadt (very good if your house is near Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt, Lippstadt campus), please let me know via my e-mail: !

I can't speak German... It would be better if you can communicate with me in English! For the time being, I will be using Google Translate to ease our communication.

Please don't hesitate to contact me - this is a very urgent matter! Thank you very much :)

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