Room with Balcony at the most ideal Location in Aachen (espeacially for students and uni-employees)


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*The room is still available*

The Room has a Balcony and is fully furnished it includes:
1. Closet
2. Large Table
3. Office Chair
4. Couch
5. Bed (with pillows blankets etc)
6. Shelf
7. Another small table
8. Another Comfortable Chair

Moreover, you will also have access to a very Cosy and Comfortable living room which is also with a Balcony and a large Kitchen with almost everything you need for cooking and Eating. The living room and kitchen will be shared by 3 People including you

The Kitchen Includes:

1. Big Gas stove and Oven
2. Microwave
3. Deep fryer
4. Dishwasher
5. Large Fridge
6. Large Freezer
7. Table for 4 People to sit and eat
8. All Utensils needed for eating and cooking
9. Soda Stream if you like Sparkling Water.

Please feel free to contact me on Whatsapp (English or German): 0-0-4-9-1-5-2-5-2-1-0-4-4-6-5

In your message please also write a few sentences about yourself, what you will be doing in Aachen and how long are you planning to stay :)

All further details along with the Pictures of The Kitchen, Bathroom and the furnished room can be found below.
Please Note: I am still busy setting up my room that is why you will not see a Bed in the pictures and a lot of tools lying here and there but by the time you will arrive there will be a double bed and the room will be in a clean and ready to use condition

Included in the rent are high-speed internet 250Mbit/s and all utility costs: electricity, gas, water.
and you

don’t have to paint the walls (which is the norm in Aachen) when you leave the apartment ;-)


The location is perfect for students and University Employees as most of the university buildings are at walking distance.
Moreover, it is extremely well connected with various bus stations.
- university main building RWTH Aachen 3 min. walking distance
- Super C 3 min. walking distance
- REWE supermarket 2 min. walking distance
- Netto supermarket 5 min. walking distance
- Pontstrasse and Ponttor (where most of the restaurant's shops and bars are, and where you will probably spend most of your free time) 2 min. walking distance
- city centre and the town hall (Rathaus) at only 7 min. walking distance
- Aachen cathedral (Aachner Dom) 9 min.
- Central Busstation (Bushof) 5 min. walking distance
- Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) 20 min. walking distance, 10 min. by bus
- RWTH Library 3 min.
- WOF gym 5 min. walking distance
- post bank and DHL outlet 2 min. walking distance
- TEDI 2 min. walking distance


If you want to:
1. Concentrate on your studies/work and enjoy your stay in Aachen to the fullest.
2. Don't want to miss your last bus (when you are out with friends on the weekend) and end up paying 20€ to 30€ to a taxi.
3. Don't want to take a bus every time you need to buy Groceries or send back/Pick up your amazon package.
4. Maybe even hit the gym ;)

Then this is the Place you want to be

Whatsapp: 0-1-5-2-5-2-1-0-4-4-6-5

Have a nice day

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