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weiblichmännlichmännlichMitbewohnerin oder Mitbwohner gesucht WG of chance and choice [SPOILERS INSIDE]



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Hi, we have a spare space in our apartment from the 3rd of June for at least a few months (always in motion is the future).

It is a cosy, ca.12sqm quiet Hinterhoff-, minimalistically furnished room in relatively big apartment. Photos are trash. It is way more handsome in reality. Nothing too special, but I have to type minimum of 150 words, so I continue describing.

There's a window. Facing the window decorated with white curtains, there's a bed. Mattress is included. For those who need it – we can try to provide bedding, duvet and pillows too. There might be bookshelfs, no wardrobe and quite an ugly desk from the 70's. Plenty of chairs around the apartment is available for sensible use.


There's ring Bahn and S1 straight to the "center" and lakes of Berlin, busses directly to Zoo, Neukölln, Alexanderplatz and Steglitz. There are parks, foodz and a flea market around the corners here and there. There's a fave späti and a späti namesis (the one where the post arrives).


We complain, watch porn (not in the shower!) and hating each's cooking skills excessively. There might be a person who will judge you about being vegan, having weird shoes or not cleaning after them, but who cares, their hair style and style of walking that doesn't include lifting feet from the parket is also quite judgeable.

Sometimes we have silent pauses to conversations caused by the Feuerwehransätze constantly driving through our street, but your room is unaffected by the noise. However, if you have a light sleep you will hear when your flatmates coming back home TOO LATE in the night.

People here doing photography, excel, gardens for rich people, architecture, hacking and cryptic stuff in UdK. Sometimes we manage to go out together, equally frequently we manage to clean up the apartment. We are somewhat bitter, but a supportive bunch here. On rare occasions we hold house parties.


Please don't invest your time in walls of texts. Just couple of lines and perhaps a link to a [social media] profile is enough.

We will want to sign a sublet contract to secure ourselves (currently dumped by previous subletter, whose trash you can find on photos).

Feurig WG is an equal opportunity WG.

Have a good WE!

Sveta, Josip, Jan


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