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Sunny room in a lovely apartment under the roof


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You will live in a sunny, spacious room with three windows, a wooden floor, a few plants and books, two desks and a soft chair to hang out.
I like it rather minimalist and clean and I hope you do, too. The lovely plants which are living in my room require some care but create a nice and homey atmosphere in exchange.
The room is right next to the bathroom and our cozy kitchen which is equipped with a sofa and offers all you need for cooking.


The apartment is on the 2nd floor of a beautiful house in Wiesenstraße, right on the campus of THM. There is a big garden in the back and Schwanenteich, the swimming pool and the sauna are at like 3 minutes walking distance. Behoerdenzentrum and Berliner Platz are super close as well where you can take buses in every direction.


In our WG are living 5 people in 4 rooms. Most of us are studying "Choreography and Performance" and work as freelance artists and therefore travel a lot. We like to invite friends sometimes or sit in the kitchen eating together but it is not a must and everybody is usually quite busy.


For now it’s temporary but there is the option to extend your stay until September 2020.

It is important to me that you take good care of my plants and belongings and be respectful and aware with the people and environment of the house.

More info about the house: https://swh-giessen.de/projekte/projekthaeuser/wiesenstr-6

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