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weiblichMitbewohnerin gesucht Zimmer mit Balkon in 2er WG (3 zimmer wohnung)



Nebenkosten: 80€
Sonstige Kosten: 35€
Kaution: 1020€
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The room is 15m2 and has its own balcony. We can discuss about the furniture if you are interested in buying them or not.


The flat is 10 minutes by bike to the city center and 5 minutes by bike to the north campus. It has many bus stop near it for buses 31, 32, 33, 62, 91, 92 and for 41, 42, 21, 22, 23.


Unfortunately I have to leave my room because I am moving to Berlin. My beloved flatmate Laura will be staying here, she is 29 years old and comes from Spain. She will be starting her PhD in molecular biology soon and likes cooking, baking and drawing. She would be happy to cook and eat together, while respecting each other's privacy. There is a weekly cleaning schedule so that everyone contributes to a clean apartment. It is important to keep the flat clean, yet excessive care is not necessary. Good, honest, friendly and respectful communication is important.


The cat that you see in the pictures won't be there after I move out, so no need to worry about that.
We are looking for someone who wants to stay in the flat for a long duration.

The warm rent by the landlord is 420 euro (340+80) per month, plus a deposit of 1020 euro that you will get back when you move out.

The other costs (35 euro) include:
25 for electricity per month.
10 for internet per month.


ab 401 € 340 €
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