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weiblichweiblichMitbewohnerin oder Mitbwohner gesucht Cozy furnished room with design bunk bed - best location in the city center, near University



Nebenkosten: 50€
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Kaution: 250€
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frei ab: 04.05.2021
frei bis: 30.06.2021

Online: 04.05.2021


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Hey there,

are you looking for a nice and cozy room and great roomies? Well, we can offer you at least a nice room in our marvellous flatshare :P

My lovely AirBnB room has been so empty since Corona and we thought it would be nice to have another person around these days.

We are Sophie [23], law student, and I [my name is Laura], interior design student, and my dog Luke [13]. We are easy going, relaxed and humorous guys. Especially Luke, he keeps the world record in sleeping whilst everyone else is busy around him. Except Luke, he does it the other way round, we keep the apartment clean and tidy and respect the other's privacy.

If that sounds good for you, we would be happy to get to know you.

Cheers - Laura, Sophie and Luke :)



Unterkünfte vom 15.05.2021 bis zum 25.05.2021 in Hannover weiblich männlich
ab 556 €
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