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weiblichweiblichMalmännlicheMitbewohnerin gesucht Zentrum-Sandhausen (Heidelberg-Hbf & SAP-Walldorf: einfach & schnell) Frauenzimmer [Room in shared accommodation in Sandhausen with terrace, parking, courtyard, hobby-room(planned) & Garden]



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The Room is quite spacious for a single person. The room is furnished with the basic needs. The room does have a wardrobe, computer table & chair. The complete new bed set (bed frame, slatted & mattress) will be available soon. The room is on the first-floor of the independent detached house. The room can be reached using an internal staircase from the downstairs/ground-floor. Through the first-floor-hallway the room can be reached. The backside view of the house & the beauty of the garden can be enjoyed through the big window. On the first floor a modern bathroom is available with a shower, toilet & basin. On the ground-floor the brand new kitchen is reflecting it's high glossy material and the kitchen does have high standard electronic devices. The house does have a Vaulted cellar and a non-developed attic, mainly the house consists of two floors. The energy source of the house is currently only electricity but unfortunately electricity costs more than anything else. The heating system is so called 'Nachtspeicheröfen' and the hot water in both bathrooms functions through 'Durchlauferhitzer' & in kitchen through 'Kleinspeicher boiler – Warmwasserspeicher'. The house has a Hoffläche where two cars can be parked easily. There is a big Terrace after the Hoffläche where the house residents can sit together with coffee/tea & snacks and enjoy the beautiful afternoon of the summer days and on the summer Grill/BBQ parties can be enjoyed. The biggest attraction can be enjoyed with the gardening flowers, fruits & vegetables on the big garden. I have a plan to develop a hobby-room (table-tennis, billiard, fitness-stuff) on the garden-house.


Sandhausen is a highly desired place for living in the RNK (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) Landkreis. Practically Sandhausen is considered as a part of Heidelberg as it is the closest area to Heidelberg city center. The nearest area to Sandhausen are St.-Ilgen, Kirchheim and Rohrbach, Leimen, Walldorf, Wiesloch, Nußloch, Bahnstadt, Bismarckplatz as well. Heidelberg-Hbf, bahnstadt & Bismarckplatz (city center) can be reached with ease either by S-bahn (Sandhausen-St.Ilgen > HD Kirchheim-Rohrbach > Heidelberg Hbf) or by bus (there are couple of buses which go to directly Heidelberg Hbf, Bahnstadt through Kirchheim). So, this location provides convenient transportation for the students who study in Heidelberg.
SAP-Walldorf can be reached directly by S-bahn or buses, so this place is very convenient for SAP employees.
There are also good connections to the neighboring areas like Nußloch, Rohrbach, Leimen, Wiesloch etc. as well.
Luckily the house is at the center of Sandhausen. The nearest bus-stoppage is just 1 minute away by foot. There are lots of buying options available nearby, e.g. many lebensmittel supermarkt such as Nahkauf, ALDI, LIDL, REWE, Netto and drogerie markt like dm and Shopping-stores like NKD, kik, fasion-point etc. and so on. There are couple of Pharmacies, Doctors, Banks (such as Sparkasse Heidelberg, Volksbank etc.), Post-office (Deutsche Post), multiple options of Eiskaffee, Bakeries & Restaurants and so on. There are Sports clubs for tennis, football etc. and Sandhausen has a stadium as well. There are beauty parlors & fitness centers for beauty/fitness-conscious women. Sandhausen center is self-sufficient for any kind of need.


I have uploaded a few picture not many because to maintain data protection & privacy policy. You are welcome to contact me over here and in parallel through email, cell phone, WhatsApp, fb Messenger and obviously in person. The viewing appointment can be arranged only in case of high interest.
basic rent: 345€
total rent: 395€
additional cost: 50€ (mainly Utilities cost)
other cost: 0€ (e.g. maintenance specially cleaning)


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