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Nice room in the city center! Schönes Zimmer im Zentrum!


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Sorry to write this in English - we are an international flat, and if we wrote in our bad German you probably wouldn't understand. One housemate is moving elsewhere in either November or December, so we will have a room free.

The flat is very spacious at 88m2, and the room for rent is around 12m2. It is quite small with a single bed, but the kitchen and bathroom are large, and there is a hallway closet where we have plenty of storage space. We furnished the flat together only a year ago, so would like someone willing to take on this cost (~€800, negotiable).

Remaining in the flat are two girls, 23 and 25, both Biology PhD students here in Jena. We are British and French, only one regularly lives here (the British one - me, Cecilia), and we are pretty laid-back housemates.

We are looking for someone unlikely to throw raging parties, but preferably not totally antisocial. Currently we enjoy living as friends, sharing tea and some drinks together, and ideally would like to live with someone we can get along with in the same way. We like to have friends round, and often on weekends there will be some people over for a pizza and wine, but we are not big partiers, and respect each other's privacy. On the whole it is a relaxed and friendly environment. There is no smoking in the flat. I (Cecilia) am vegetarian, and would love to live with another veggie, but that's not in any way a requirement.

We would be happy to live with you regardless of where you are from, Germany or elsewhere, but as our German is limited it would be ideal if the new housemate is okay with speaking English around the flat.


The flat is conveniently located right in the city centre.


This is technically a three person flat, but we have a unique arrangement that makes it essentially for 2 people. Our third flatmate Elise mostly lives in Amsterdam, and comes to stay only once every few months. We keep her 'bedroom' as a living room, with a sofa bed.


Our living situation is a little unusual, but it works out well for all of us. If you come for a viewing we will explain in detail!

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