2 Zimmer frei in 4er Gamedev-WG in Höhenberg (WG-Neugründung)


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Some facts about the flat
* There are two rooms available with different rent
* 18.7 m^2 → 477,2€
* 15.9 m^2 → 435,1€
* Each with extra ~55€ for GEZ, internet, electricity and gas (we don’t have contracts yet, so this is just an estimated price at this point!)
* Each room comes with 240€ Abschlag (one time only payment, needs to be paid on the day we get the keys) for the kitchen (incl. oven, stove, dishwasher), a big fridge, kitchen table, 2 bathroom cabinets, 2 kallax
* Deposit → 1162,5€ per person

* Has 4 separate rooms with a nice hallway in the center we could use as a living room

* Comes with a cat (Ezgi’s cat who will possibly move in around summer)


* 1 minute to line 1 & bus 151/152 by foot
* Grocery shops within 10 minutes walk


Some facts about us:
*We are both studying Digital Games at Cologne Game Lab.

Ta (David) :
I like playing games and enjoy watching anime/manga/tv series a lot. I also like food and plan to start cooking more in the new apartment with the nice kitchen :D Besides playing games and watching shows, I also enjoy making tiny games on my own (doing art, design and

programming), so I am up for some discussion about game development from time to time.

I like everything involving games, metal(core) and food. I often sing (sorry in advance lol) and sometimes play guitar, I am mostly in my room due to my remote job and my curse of having friends that live far away. I try to stream regularly, which is mostly chill but I sometimes scream for a second if I play horror games (again, sorry in advance). I bake a lot, so I hope that's a plus if you like desserts.

You are the perfect match if you :
* Don't mind living with a very cuddly cat in the future (also very soft)
* Can follow basic cleaning plan & keep the common areas tidy after using it
* Willing to stay longterm
* Prefer a more quiet space with occasional "cooking-with-friends-hangouts"
* Ideally don't smoke


* The picutures are from the previous tenants since we will also move in in March
* Sadly a visit is not possible for the reason

Please write us a message about yourself, if you are interested and we can schadule a call to get to know each other better!

And to proof that you've read the text, please write "Oh hi Mark" at the start of your text and please tell us your three favourite video games:)

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