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***Disclaimer: we DO NOT answer to people who have not read our entire ad!***

We're currently 6 (3 male, 3 female) residents of different walks of life, looking first and foremost for people who want to stay at our place long-term and happy to live in an active supportive community. However, we're also open to short-term residents (3-6 months) if you are still interested in participating in house chores and shifts in our non-profit pizzeria. Please read our text carefully till the end to get an idea of what is expected and what we can offer.

Currently, we have the following rooms available:

1. OG Mickey Mouse Room - 9,5 sqm - 205 € (Wooden floor, sanded and oiled. Walls need painting)
2. OG Granny Room 16,5 sqm - 240 € (Wooden floor with old dark red lacquer, not sanded yet!) (reserved)

The building is a beautiful corner house from 1885, a protected monument (Denkmal). All residents share 236,5 m² of space. A big open kitchen and dining room as well as living room are also available on the 1. OG. We have access to two big bathrooms in different states of renovation/swankness. We use the whole house, all floors, share the courtyard and have access to the roof for chill-out on sunny days with a spectacular view over Leipzig up to the Völkerschlachtdenkmal. Some of the rooms are rented as BnB rooms, and people living here can participate in that project (and share the pay).


We're in Lindenau. It's not fully plagwitzed yet, but for sure gentrification is underway. The adjacent Holteistraße has recently become a "Spielstraße", where cars have to drive in walking speed and kids are allowed to play on the street. The tram stops exactly in front of our door - which has obvious pros and cons. We have a LIDL nearby, and "Lindenauer Markt" or short, "Lindex" is only 5-10 minutes away with a DM, Kaufland, banks, farmer's market and lots of other shops, bistros, cafes and restaurants. Karl-Heine-Straße is only 10 minutes away, the park and the forest are similarly well reachable. Graffiti sprayers and a loud night shift make sure to slow down gentrification to some degree. Our direct neighborhood hosts 11 housing projects, and some really cool projects like "krimZkrams", a donation based material collection and pick-up point, a membership Bioladen "Schwarzwurzel", the "Haus und Wagenrat", which helps housing projects off the ground, the "Autodidaktische Initiative" or short "ADI", an open living room for people eager to study, "Café Kaputt", a donation based repair café, three queer or queer friendly bars, the Späti "Schwarzmarkt", run by punks, "Baba Café" and "360°C Waschbar" (laundry salon and café/bar), "3rad", a cargo bikes shop, as well as an Antiquariat, another book shop, more bike shops and cafés/bistros in the area.


The building is an unusual place to live in for several reasons:

** In the ground floor, there's Pizza Lab, which you may already know for its amazing vegan pizza. Pizza Lab is 100% non-profit and run by us as well as other volunteers living in Leipzig.
** Except for the Eckladen, the rest of the building is controlled by us! The only restriction is creating costs or liabilities for the owner, who lives with us. We all share one kitchen due to practical reasons.
** The house is partially renovated, which has both pros and cons. Pro: Changes are still possible. We're up for unconventional (but not crazy) renovations. Con: Some areas haven't been taken care of since the house was abandoned. The resident rooms are all heated by wood or coal furnaces, unfortunately there's no way around this for now – but we're saving up for central heating in the coming years!
** Our tiny courtyard ("Hof") is really miniscule, but is slowly being transformed into a gorgeous, bird welcoming urban garden with high beds, a lot of plant diversity, a rain collector and a solar-powered fountain
** We share food (there's a common food budget of 140€/month/person) and we have
shared vegan dinners at a fixed time (almost) every evening. They're not obligatory, but a great opportunity to get to know each other and to bond over nice food. Non-vegetarian food, alcohol, sweets, fastfood and personal hygiene products are not included in the household budget. By the way, we're reeeaaally into healthy food. We share the task of cooking for each other, which means cooking once a week - but having dinner every day of the week available. If you're experienced with vegan cooking and baking (just because we don't buy sweets doesn't mean we don't like them!), it might be a plus ;) but the house is also a great place to learn.
** House tasks (like cleaning, shopping for food etc.) are distributed after the weekly house plenary, where we also discuss ideas and issues. We use the "task auction" (http://schwarz10.de/taskauction/ )

to ensure everyone takes part in taking care of the house and the community. It's very simple and efficient and we'd be happy to explain it to you when the time comes.

The household doesn't have a particular political orientation but we're interested in loads of things. Discussions, idea-sharing and organization of activism to make a difference are super important to us. Here's a few things we like:
Matriarchies, environmentalism/eco-activism including urban gardening and beekeeping, sustainability, alternative economies and currencies, politics in general - we are up to date on what's going on. We love science, logic and reason, in fact we have a couple of scientists among us!

Together, we also share skills in hosting events (like flea markets, exhibitions, political discussions etc.), computer networks, graphic design, video-making, book-keeping, Verein law and so on. Every once in a while, we make big renovations happen and have thus acquired a lot of competence in building things.
We‘re obviously queer friendly and make sure to keep a harmonious gender balance in the house.

But now, after this monstrous wall of text, it's time to share with you what's most important to us:
We're looking for people who want to make things happen, who are motivated to work on all sorts of projects and who are into communal living. Most of the residents are involved in Pizza Lab somehow, so we also expect from you to take bar or kitchen shifts, help us out with our social media or take on other responsibilities.

Alternatively, you may have your own activism-tastic project and you feel the house is an amazing opportunity for making your project happen... Lots of things are thinkable.

We're slowly becoming a house of alternative influencers, meaning we're going to be uploading content on what's happening in a community like this on social media (insta, tiktok, youtube), in order to promote alternative living and alternative projects as well as background (political) information. Being comfortable behind a camera (cutting/editing video material), knowing social media management or being in front (being filmed) is a big plus - not absolutely necessary if you bring other skills to the community though ;) at the moment, everyone seems comfortable in front of the camera and we've done some really fun video projects, for example this one: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ccz757ioK0U/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=. Let us know if you are interested in this area!

The only thing we're **not** looking for is people who just want to live with us for cheap rent. Of course we respect your privacy, but you should know that when you enter the house, you enter the family. We look after each other, we take care of each other and we don't leave anyone behind. If you're not looking for community, this is not the right place for you. Also, all of us are non-smokers and we're looking for non-smokers only (it's strictly forbidden inside the house anyway). We're not straight-edge though, and we luv cofee :-}


Last but not least, there's some organizational stuff you need to know.
Firstly, after the first (online) meeting, you may be invited to spend a week with us first, so you see how the house runs and you can make a decision yourself.
Secondly, there is a trial period of 3 months. (If you are applying for a short term residendy, ask us about details on how we do the trial week/months procedure in Zwischenmiete cases.)
Thirdly, please send us a message with a SHORT self-description about yourself - we get a lot to read, so really, keep it short. If you have an online presence, you may share it with us.

Lastly, in the "application process", there's a veto right for all the house residents, this means absolutely nobody voted against you in case you get accepted to move in with us. When somebody vetoes, no reasons need to be given, in fact, vetoes are anonymous and we won't be able to tell you who vetoed and why. Please don't be mad or disappointed if that happens - we get loads of applications and some people are going to have to be rejected...

WHEN YOU APPLY, make sure to answer the following questions as well as giving a short intro about yourself:

1. How do you deal with corona restrictions?
2. Do you smoke?
3. Do you have any allergies?
4. What is your earliest/latest possible move-in date? If you are looking to rent for "Zwischenmiete" (short term) - when is your move-out date?
5. What are your room size preferences?
6. Finally, when are you free for a video call? We usually do weekday evenings at 6pm 8pm or sometimes weekends at 12pm.

Phew! :D If you've read this all the way until here, your entry code is "mad ferret". Add that to your text so we know you've read and acknowledge all the specifications given. Please write us in English, not everyone in the house speaks German. We look forward to hearing from you soon! <3



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