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WgZimmer /Quiet room in shared flat/ in südost reudnitz/stötteritz


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Wir suchen, nachdem unsere mitbewohnerin kurzfristig nach belgien umzieht, wieder 1 (temporäre*n) mitbewohnende*n für großes möbeliertes zimmer in entspannter lage ab mitte oktober 2020 gesucht. (bei gutem auskommen ggf auch für länger.)

Ich (paul) bin zurück von meinen streifzügen und mache mal meinen masterabschluß in kuwi. quentin ist aus frankreich und macht oft crepes und manchmal techno. Ansonsten arbeiten wir und versuchen, eine angenehme zeit miteinander zu haben. am besten mal einfach vorbeikommen und ansehen etc...

*wir bauen gerade noch etwas aus und um, was die fotos vielleicht etwas veralten lässt.

Looking for a (temporary + maybe long-term option) flatmate in our apt next to s-bahn stötteritz. The room a bit vintage since we like it that way. With it's big windows it is quite sunny. We like it quiet and that is the whole area. It has basic furniture already because we used it as a guest/study/studii room. It can be changed as well as you prefer. Maybe had already been changed a little, since we work at the flat right now.* renewing kitchen still in progress but almost finished *

The flat is located in the 2 floor. There is a small backyard and a park. come along and have a look!


There is public transport (s-bahn/tram) 3 min away and also some supermarchés (norma, konsum, aldi).
It is a super relaxed neighbourhood in south/east leipzig. So quite near to east/south and center - with the bike it takes like 10 min each direction. The library & medicine campus is close and some nice parks


I am finishing my masters right now and work for ngo's in the field of political education and project management. I might try to start a phd in cultural studies next year. I like to work at home some time and also relax. so an peacefull environment is necessary. This works out perfectly with my flatmate quentin from france. togehter we like to share and cook food together and spend some time (with friends) discussing stuffs, making music or just watching something in the little homecinema.


I am looking for a relaxed and responsible person. Living together should be based on trust and therefore some good comunication is necessary, i'd say! All'd say that, of course, but this doesn't mean it'll work out as planned.
So please tell me a few things before and come over for a fewing. We will take time to decide to avoid unpleasent living conditions like we had in the past unfortunately.
Just text me and i will try to get back. I am mostly home working or at the library right now. cheers.

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