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room in leipzig east


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Hello Everybody

our shared flat in the east of Leipzig is looking for one new fix member and also for one member as intermediate rent from February until about May:

We are 6 people between 25 and 35 years (Yvonne, Hannes, Nina, Günther,
Anna, Flo) doing different things - none of us works in a full-time job,
but part-time or something else or study. We are open people - sexism,
chauvinism, racism has no space here. We use to spend time together and
we have a shared fridge. We also plan to participate on a Solawi project to get food from. We're near to music and creative and political / critical topics. We're looking for somebody who likes to join the community actively and in the long-term!

The room that will be completely free from February on has 18qm and costs 210 € / month in total (incl. internet and Rundfunkgebühren).

We have a nice kitchen with a table to eat or to come togehter and a little couch corner in a kind of oriel. There are two bathrooms, one with and one without windows. In summertime we can use something like a roofgarden that we can reach through the kitchen window. We use to have Plenum each month, to check out everything and to speak honestly with each other.

Get in touch with us if you want so:

Best regards!

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