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The room on offer is one of the two rooms in the apartment. The room has direct access to the balcony. We recently bought some furniture for the kitchen which has to be bought from the leaving flatmate.


Nearest bus stop is Backhoushol which is 5 minutes walk from the apartment. The university stop is 10 mins from the apartment from where several connections are possible to the city center.
The closest supermarket is Netto and Nahkauf . The Aldi at Kings park is within walking distance as well.
The university campus is also at 10 min walking distance.


Hello there, I am Dhanwin Baker. I am pursuing PhD at the University medical center of Mainz. The current occupant is moving out of the flat and thereby looking for an amazing flatmate to share the

flat with and who knows make a connection for lifetime. Thereby, I would really prefer a lively and social atmosphere in the flat. We can talk about it more during the viewing.

Most of my day is spent working in the university and in the evening some light gaming.

I have currently advertised the flat for only 6 months but there is a possibility for extension of the contract.


There is a common laundry machine (without dryer) in the basement of the apartment which is shared by all the occupants of the apartment.

I am usually available in the evening for viewing. But in unusual cases, we can figure out the viewing timings.

PS. The caution and the warm rent has to be paid before or latest by the first day of tenancy agreement.



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