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the room is quite tiny to be honest (obviously 10 m2 are what they are :) ), but it's already furnished and very well lighted. the furniture is: a bed, a table, a chair with wheels and a piece of furniture. The common rooms are 3: 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The other 5 rooms are already occupied by the roommates. The building is in a quiet and peaceful location. There is even a bakery close to it with friendly guys inside.


The U-Bahn station is 5/6 minutes by foot afar. There are many lines which pass to this station: they are the U1,U2,U14 lines. The U-Bahn station is 15 minutes (by subway) far from the center town. The nearest train station, located in Bad Cannstatt, is 15 minutes by foot afar. There is also much space for jogging and a large cicle track. Come to give a look at it! :D


the apartment is on the 2nd floor of the building. All the building's residents are young people. In our flatshare there are a friendly Indian boy, a funny Bosnian guy, a warm-hearted Venezuelan-German girl, a nice Serbian girl and a German woman. I found it like a friendly and nice place into live. In the evening there is always someone to talk to if you like to share your time with the roommates, otherwise obviously there is no problem if you need to stay alone and in peace in your room.


There is a good bakery shop next to the building, with friendly people who work there. the neighbourhood is very peaceful and quite. there is even a balcony on the first floor available for everyone in the house. You just should ask to 1st floor residents to let you use it, but it shouldn't be any problem because they are very kind and friendly.
Any informations about the contract, if you are really interested in the room I will make you able to contact the landlord to ask him anything you need, since I am just a tenant who has to look for a new one.


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