Private room in shared apartment


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4-person apartment on the fourth floor with 2 bathrooms. Two boys and and one girl occupy it. There is an evelator so no need for walking up stairs. There are clothes washing and drying facilites downstairs in the building. Suitable for students only.

The bedroom has a floor-to-ceiling windows with a great veiw on the sunset every evening. No harsh day daytime rays get in so it is nice and cool. A spacious desk for working. An internet cable. A large shutter which roles down.


Located near Messe in Technische Fakultat student accomodation complex. 8 minute walk from Lidl and food places. 6 minute walk from the tram. 12 minute walk from Seepark. Convenient grassy spaces. Ping pong tables, basket ball courts and football pitchs are all available. There is also a campus bar.


Email me at any time I will respond within 24 hours. We can organise a viewing either in person or online via email.

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