a student in TU Darmstadt looking for a room, without pets, or any bad behaviors, but needing quiet and clean environment

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hi, i am a girl student studying in TU Darmstadt for my master program. Usually I like reading, especially Russian literature in my own room, which would not disturb others. Although I like outdoor sports as well, like hiking, swimming, playing tennis and traveling, actually I am quite quiet. I wish you will enjoy a quiet and tidy, clean environment too. I think light music can make us relax and jazz is ok. In my hometown, I have a dog and a cat, and I love theses cute friends, but I would not raise any pets here. if you have any ones, of course I would not mind. I prefer to living with landlords, which seems the best way to improve my language skills. People around consider me an easygoing and warm person, environmentalist, but sometimes a little careless. I am sorry for not speaking German but I am trying my best to learn it.

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