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Looking for a nice house to live

Ich suche derzeit keine neue WG oder Wohnung

Zeitraum: n.a.
Zimmeranzahl: n.a.
Stadtteile: n.a.
Haustyp: egal
Einrichtung: n.a.
Sonstiges: n.a.

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I live in Munich and working for a German company. I am looking for a rented house/flat for long term. I have experience in multi-cultural environment, Since i have worked in UK,US,Singapore and India.I have moved to Munich for a long term assignment for a Telco customer. Basically my nature is to respect other's choice and always believe in mutual understanding/discussions. I love to explore nature, places and different cultures. I have German knowledge up to A2. Planning to join to B1 in near future.Please feel free to contact me if interested.

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