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Spacious room with big windows, furnished.

The 480€ is the full (!) rent, including all additional costs such as internet, electricity etc.


Well-situated flatshare. Grocery stores, public transport, streetfood, typical Berlin night- and cultural life can all be easily found in the neighborhood. I am not exaggerating, check out the address on google and you will see :). A quick 10 minute jog or walk will also get you to the Spree river and a bit further to Treptower park - perfect for sports and relaxing in the sun.


There are Thomas, Léonor and Hivels in the flat. We are all easy going and also up for hanging out together or going out. Thomas is not living in the flat, but works from here during the week (even before Corona), selling stuff to restaurants and event venues. Hivels is going to his office almost everyday to work as an architect and use his time in the flat to treat us with some Tacos. Aaand lastly, Leo is still working from home due to the current situation doing e-commerce

planning for a rapidly growing berlin startup, but in normal times would actually have an office to work at.

We respect each others' privacy, but are not spending the days in our rooms alone all the time. In a nutshell we are just people living our normal lives in a shared flat and we get along very well, cook, drink and play boardgames from time to time together.

Please no students and no party tourists interested only in getting high and going out 24/7 (especially in light of the current situation).


Our flat has everything you need, big fridge, washing machine, dishwasher,...other appliances. There is also a sunny balcony.

Leo still learns German, so she speaks English mostly...or French, and she also knows Spanish ;). Thomas speaks German and English and Hivels speaks Spanish, German and English.

We do also have a balcony and a garden that everyone in the entire house can use. It is however not very well taken care of. We do still go there sometimes though for a barbecue or to play möllky and drink beer.

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