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Big 24 sqm room (furnished) in 3-shared flat in Friedrichshain available from 1 November (or later), near Warschauer Str / WG-Zimmer frei (möbliert, 24m²) in 3er WG ab 1. November (oder später), Nähe Warschauer Straße


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IMPORTANT: Please read this ad carefully, make sure you fit the conditions, and send me a proper response, please. All other messages might have to be ignored. This way we can ensure a good match for both you and us. Thank you :)

The room is available from the 1st of November 2021 or later. It's an approximately 24 sqm room on the first floor in a newly renovated "Altbau" (characteristic old Berlin building) with high ceilings. The flat has 3 rooms, 1 big corridor, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 cellar space, a shared bike cellar, and a shared backyard.
The pictures show the room in different stages over the last few years.

The rent is 568 EUR/month, all included (from high-speed Internet to GEZ fees (TV and radio) to electricity and ancillary costs). I don’t care about Schufa (jetzt beantragen) or other documents, you just have to convince me that you’re able to pay the rent on time every month. The bond is 1100 EUR.

The room will be furnished. But not all the furniture in the different pictures comes with the room. The room will come with a bed, a desk, a chair, 2-3 shelves, and an optional linen IKEA wardrobe. You can also bring or get some of your own furniture, of course.

The flat is 106 sqm big. Fully equipped bathroom (incl. bathtub, shower, washing machine, towel heater) and kitchen (incl. dishwasher, fridge, microwave, kettle, toaster, stove, lots of kitchen supplies, shelves, etc.) plus a big corridor. We have a household insurance.
There is also a backyard, a cellar space and a bike room you can use.


The flat is located 2 doors down from Bersarinplatz right in Friedrichshain off Warschauer Straße.
The street itself is quiet but within a 2 minute walk, you're on Warschauer Straße or Frankfurter Tor and in the heart of Friedrichshain.
There's two tram stops (M10 and M21) just outside our door step, and it's a 2-minute walk to the U5 (Frankfurter Tor).


About us:

We’re Michael and Joanna. We both regard the flat as a place of retreat and regeneration, we place high value on cleanliness and respect for one another as well as especially the nights being quiet, especially after around 10 pm since we go to bed then. So we're looking for a like-minded person in a similar situation.
We both like to cook. We both speak German and English. Joanna speaks Polish as well.

Michael says:

I’m Michael (36), from Germany. I'm the main tenant and moved in 8 years ago. I’m a personal development coach and have worked as a German teacher and translator before. I'm currently also studying health psychology, and have also been a writer and a songwriter.
I’m interested in consciousness, quantum physics, philosophy, music, literature, poetry, art in general, films, languages, interesting places, travelling, people, the world. Moreover I have learned to understand and utilise the benefits of meditation and Qigong. Music is very important to me. You don’t have to have a similar taste in music, but blasting loud techno or electronic or Schlager or Hip Hop or Reggae music through the flat all day is not ideal - headphones recommended :)
I have a busy schedule, and see the WG as a place to feel at home and to recover (and lately also to work and to study), occasionally going for dinner with my flatmates, but needing quiet time for myself when I’m at home.

Joanna says:

I'm Joanna (34), easy-going and a quiet early bird having a regular day routine (ca. 7am-22pm).
I've recently finished a Web Development bootcamp and I'm in a career transition. That means I spend a lot of time working in my room and that is my main focus. I love working out or doing some outdoor activities in my free time, but also spending time on reading or listening to podcasts, or meditating. That means I'm usually at home, because atm it is my working space. I really love our WG, because it's very quiet, everyone respects each other’s privacy, we have similar lifestyles, sleeping routines and cleaning standards. And the night is our time to rest and sleep :) That's why it is a great working and living space.


Please note:

- Please send me a few lines about yourself - like what you do, how old you are, what you're interested in, how long you've been in Berlin for, why this flat is for you, what your sense of cleanliness is like, what your idea of WG life is like, what your daily schedule is like, when you go to bed and when you get up (on average), and if/when you have breakfast, etc. The kitchen is small so this is important information ;). And please include a picture. And please also let me know if you need some more information from us.
- It’s not a party flat. It's a place of shelter and regeneration from our busy everyday lives. It's a place for people with a daily routine that want to get things done in life, and who are over the Berlin partying life phase.
- It is crucial for us that especially the nights are quiet. We both get up quite early, around 6 or 7 am. And we do need our sleep, so the nights have to be quiet after around 10pm. The walls are thin so if you always go to bed quite late and make noise late at night, or if, for example, you're always partying late and have people over all the time - then this flat is not for you.
- You have to have a good sense of cleanliness and independence and self-organisation. If you don't know how to clean up after yourself and keep shared areas clean or how to clean a flat (we have a roster), then this flat is not for you.
- It sure is nice to have a chat or do some things together every now and then, but generally the flat is a place of shelter and relaxation from our busy everyday lives, and should be hassle-free for everyone. It's not ideal for people who are looking for a family substitute or who need to tell their flatmates everything about their day every evening as there simply is not enough time for that. :)
- In case you're a smoker: there’s no smoking in the flat. Smoking in the room is not good as the smell goes into the whole flat. Past flatmates used to go outside to smoke. Smoking 'other things' etc. is not possible in this household.
- This room is not for couples (due to my main lease), sorry.
- It's a standard open-ended sublease with a 3 months' notice period. You can do your Anmeldung and register with the Bürgeramt, of course.

About you:

- We’re looking for someone who fits all the above criteria, who we get along with well, who is happy to live with us, and who we are happy to live with. Male or female, ideally between 30 and 40 years old. We’re both easy-going, nice and kind people who get along well with most people, but it is important that the above points are considered, as otherwise – from experience – it won’t work out. So it’s important to be on the same page from the start. Thank you :)

We’ll organise one-on-one viewings to meet you individually on Saturday, 16 October 2021, in the afternoon. No viewings possible before then. No online viewings, unfortunately, as we have to meet you in person to decide.
IMPORTANT: No facial masks during the viewing as I will need to see your face and experience you as a human being. If this is a problem for you, then this flat is not for you, and we can both save ourselves some time - win win :-)

We're looking forward to hearing from you (ideally in English). And please accept my apologies in case I don’t manage to reply to everyone. :)

Michael and Joanna

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