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frei ab: 18.08.2022
frei bis: 31.10.2022
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Hello WGers,
I'm subletting my room for the stated duration from 18.08 till 31.10. The room is quite nice and comfortable, suitable for both workers and students. The rool consists of a bed, a closet and a table and chair. All these equipments are free to take, no extra charges. Additional equipment can be provided on request.


Address is Urselbachstr 15, Oberursel 61440 if you’re in Frankfurt you can visit here.

You have two S bahn stations nearby.
And also 10 min walk to the U bahn station S bahn stations can be easily reached by bus.

There are two cafe or restaurants nearby And also backeries. Aldi, Rewe, Lidl, Penny are also reachable


It is a very friendly and helping

flatshare environment here. One who stays above he is Kalp from Gujrat and he is my classmate itself, he likes the house a bit clean so will be strict in cleaning I think and anyway he is a nice person to talk to.
Noor will be here, so she is from Pakistan, she is just doing her job in KFC and doing a Bachelors distantly from Canada, she is jolly and loves to talk. Also there is Srishti who will be leaving in Oct for exchange sem in Turkey, so she is a nice person too and talkative too. Harshit is also a nice and friendly guy who likes to cook and watch Netflix with us.


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